Popclectic Spotlight: Betsy Hoffman’s ALPHABETSY

Betsy Hoffman radiates joy in her teaching and in her artwork. The former is on display in the first-grade classroom at USN, the latter at Vanderbilt University Children's Hospital, USN's Hassenfeld Library, and in houses and businesses across Nashville, on everything from canvases to pianos. A veteran of the American Artisan Craft Fair, Artclectic, and … Continue reading Popclectic Spotlight: Betsy Hoffman’s ALPHABETSY


Kristen’s Cookies Revisited

Back when I was in graduate business school, my Operations 101 class explored the Harvard case study of a woman named Kristen who was starting a bakery. Kristen's Cookie Company was designed to teach students about capacity, bottlenecks and throughput so we could build streamlined manufacturing processes. After business school, I backslid into journalism, so I … Continue reading Kristen’s Cookies Revisited

Popclectic Spotlight: Liz Hodder Studio

Welcome to the first in a series of profiles of artisans and makers participating in Popclectic artisan market, Saturday, October 21, during University School of Nashville's Artclectic weekend. Liz Hodder Studio: Ceramics, Sculpture and Textiles "I love the natural world and feel connected to and part of something much greater," says artist Liz Hodder. While … Continue reading Popclectic Spotlight: Liz Hodder Studio

Buttercup Joins Popclectic Market at Artclectic, Oct. 21

One of my favorite annual events, Artclectic at University School of Nashville, is coming up, October 19-21. In recent years, there's been a new feature of the weekend, Popclectic, a pop-up market of artisans and craftspeople. Popclectic is a highlight of Artclectic for families with young kids. I have found irresistible and zany treasures—including a … Continue reading Buttercup Joins Popclectic Market at Artclectic, Oct. 21

2017 Louisa Nelson Awards Announced

In the spirit of their triple-great grandmother, who led the family whiskey business upon her husband's death in 1891, Nelson's Green Brier Distillery leaders Andy & Charlie Nelson founded the Louisa Nelson Awards, to honor Nashville business women excelling in industry and serving the community. Honorees at the second annual Louisa Nelson Awards, presented last night, … Continue reading 2017 Louisa Nelson Awards Announced

You’re Invited: Louisa Nelson Awards at Green Brier Distillery, Sept. 18 

My great-great grandmother may have looked all prim and repressed in her high-necked 19th-century garb (see portrait above), but Louisa Nelson was made of strong stuff. When her husband Charles died in 1891, she picked up the reins of his whiskey company, becoming one of the first women in the country to run a commercial … Continue reading You’re Invited: Louisa Nelson Awards at Green Brier Distillery, Sept. 18