The Fault in Our Solders

Ever since a German friend introduced our family to his New Year's Eve tradition of bleigießen or lead-pouring, we have rung in January 1 midnight by melting small amounts of silver metal to divine our future. It works like this: Place a small metal nugget, about the size of a Monopoly game piece, into a spoon, … Continue reading The Fault in Our Solders


Busy as Bees

In construction school, as in many other aspects of life, I find that it is better to be doing something—no matter how seemingly futile—than to be doing nothing. Doing something usually leads to something else, whereas doing nothing leads nowhere. When it comes to the workshop at school, if I'm not building something, I feel anxious. … Continue reading Busy as Bees

Popclectic Spotlight: Alyn Vaughn

Alyn Vaughn jewelry sits at the intersection of style and purpose, to empower Nashville youth through curriculum-based work experience and scholarships. As a social enterprise, Alyn Vaughn is motivated by the reality that simply having a university degree is no longer enough in today's economy. Students need to fund their education AND acquire business skills … Continue reading Popclectic Spotlight: Alyn Vaughn

Feast Your Eyes on this Visionary Business Plan

I've been meaning to get my eyes checked, but I keep delaying because I know as soon as I book an appointment—which will invariably be weeks in the future—some last-minute conflict will force me to cancel, inconveniencing the eye doc and leaving me in my squinty purgatory of middle-aged presbyopia. Speaking of far-sightedness, my optometrist … Continue reading Feast Your Eyes on this Visionary Business Plan

Popclectic Spotlight: 1220 Bloom Street

Julie Brown can’t imagine her life without designing and sewing. "Thanks to my mother, I have been drawing, painting, cross-stitching and creating since I could hold a crayon," says the founder of 1220 Bloom Street, who describes herself as administrative assistant by day, seamstress by night, and artist all day long. Since discovering her passion … Continue reading Popclectic Spotlight: 1220 Bloom Street

Let’s Get Ready to BuildMeUpBattle!

The Internet calls the traditional wooden game Kubb, a.k.a. Viking Chess or Sticky Sticks, "the best lawn game ever." After watching my kids play BuildMeUpBattle, our handmade version of the game, I'm inclined to agree. This family-friendly backyard competition is a hoot. Described as a combination of horseshoes and bowling, Kubb (pronounced like tube) also … Continue reading Let’s Get Ready to BuildMeUpBattle!